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quick facts


Harlow was created by Arman Nobari, a solo developer. The game started as a side-project to help Arman get through a difficult chapter of medical challenges and grief, which greatly influenced the chill, comforting game concept come together.

THE Gameplay

Harlow is a surprisingly chill platformer focused on accessibility & relaxation. The game features super tight controls (that work great on a gamepad), and really forgiving mechanics allowing for imprecise jumps, physics madness, and creative expression.

In addition to super simple controls, Harlow features a mode called "Magic Aiming", which slows gameplay down by 50% when aiming your jumps. Instead of this being a power-up, players are free to enjoy the game with slow motion on as an unlimited feature. If that's how you enjoy the game best, all the better! :)

THE story

Two clumsy robots got the last of the humans lost in space. To make up for their error, they plan an epic surprise party to cheer up the humans. That's what humans like, right??

In the game, you'll explore a mysterious planet that the human ship orbits, uncovering clues as to what happened on the surface, as you search for a place to land. When you're back on the ship, it's party planning time. You can unlock dozens of party supplies and customize the type of party you throw to unlock 12 different endings.

the soundtrack

The game is all about vibes, and that includes the soundtrack. The game's music was co-produced by Obfusc (Monument Valley, NeoCab), and is its own entire album, clocking in at nearly 1.5 hours of original music.