What is Harlow?

Harlow is an atmospheric 2.5D physics platformer for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

Who made it?

Harlow was solo-developed by Arman Nobari.

Who is the publisher?

Harlow is published by Rogue on all platforms.

Who made the game's soundtrack?

Harlow's soundtrack is co-produced by OBFUSC. He's featured on the Monument Valley OST and produced the soundtrack for the BAFTA-nominated game NeoCab.

Does Harlow have controller support?

Yes! Harlow supports Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers on PC, and has full native support on the Nintendo Switch.

Is Harlow coming out on other platforms?

Possibly! If there's a platform you particularly want the game on, reach out on Twitter and let me know.

What languages does the game support?

Currently, Harlow supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, French.

Can I stream Harlow or make videos about the game?

Yes absolutely. Feel free to create videos about Harlow or stream the game. You have permission to monetize your YouTube videos featuring Harlow.

I'm a streamer. Can I get a free key?

Potentially! Reach out on Twitter and I'll see what I can do.