Beta 1.14 is live!

Known issues

  • ALL TESTERS - Please uninstall any previous version of Harlow you might have on your phones.
  • The number of jumps, and the word "jumps", might be visible at the start of Level 1.
  • You might get a logo & "Continue" button at the start of Level 2 for no reason.
  • There's only 4 levels in this build. At the end of Level 4, you'll go back to Level 1.
  • "Stage select", in the pause menu, does nothing.
  • The engine noises in level 4 overlap.
  • "Menu", in the level success screen, does nothing.

Things to test

  • Use the pause menu when in-level. Resume playing, pause again, and restart. Try it on different levels!
  • Level 4's 2 doors should operate independently from one another.
  • The "cameras" / "watchers" should look at Harlow with a slight delay.
  • Is there a smooth enough difficulty curve so far?

Changes from Beta 1.13

  • When closing the app and opening it again, it'll auto-load your most recent level.
  • Water splashes no longer trigger multiple times at once.
  • No more falling through the ground on level 2.
  • Reduced the volume of level-success sounds.
  • Dramatically reduced the number of collision geometry - the game should play a lot nicer on older devices!
  • Level 4 added.
  • Level-success UI will transition out instead of vanishing between levels.
  • Harlow will transition-in when starting a level, instead of just sitting around.