Flow & slow-mo

In Harlow, you control time with every jump. With so much emphasis on slowing down the world, however, gameplay flow becomes focused around three principles: momentum, safety, and danger.

Even though you can slow time down to aim, each jump carries with it Harlow's current momentum. So if you're barreling forward very quickly, aiming backwards will help you slow down, but won't outright change your direction. Similarly, if you're falling from a great height, aiming and launching yourself left direction won't be a hard 90-degree transition. Taking momentum into account when designing level flows makes sure that certain maneuvers are reasonably possible.

Safety isn't just to say "areas that aren't dangerous", but includes all exploration in levels that may or may not affect other dangers in the level. Who doesn't like to smash through a wall, or send a stack of crates flying? Those crates might jam up some machinery, making your life quite a bit easier.

Danger, the last principle, is fairly self-explanatory. The world of Harlow is a dangerous one, filled with centuries-old machinery, rogue AIs, and danger around every turn. You'll need to master momentum, and engineer your own safety, to make it through in one piece.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing more and more of Harlow's world, including how momentum, safety, and danger interplay. Thanks for reading!