About Harlow

A time-bending platformer across the cosmos.

Learn the story of Harlow, a discarded robot who narrow escapes deactivation. Slingshotting Harlow around, you’ll slow down time to carefully avoid the dangers of a collapsed civilization, deep space outposts, and strange alien worlds.

Unparalleled freedom in platforming.

Harlow does away with the limitations of traditional platformer games. Jumps can be executed in any direction, at any time, even in sequence. Every jump Harlow takes slows time to a crawl, allowing for precise maneuvers around dangerous machinery, through breakable obstacles, and over hazardous enemies. Explore a hand-painted landscape filled with physics puzzles, hidden surprises, and enough rogue AIs to overthrow a medium-sized star system.

Easy to learn. Hard to master.

Drag and hold to slow down time and aim Harlow. Release to launch. Repeat until you discover what happened to humankind.